SecureScan is the quickest, most effective way to expose your network vulnerabilities and see exactly what to do about them. With SecureScan, you’ll have all the information you need in a single console to verify risk severity and know how to remove vulnerabilities to improve your security posture quickly. Backed by 20 years of incident response, forensics, and assessment expertise in our security operations center. Our experts support your efforts and help guide in building the best possible vulnerability management program.


Vulnerability Management

Once vulnerabilities have been identified, remediation is required. Since thousands of vulnerabilities are discovered each year, and seemingly never-ending security updates and patches required, remediation needs to be prioritized. Vulnerability management is never “done” as increasing attack vectors and software complexity require continuous monitoring and methods to prioritize remediation. Since newly-found vulnerabilities are constantly surfacing, and the organization’s IT infrastructure is typically changing over time, consistent diligence is required for effective vulnerability management.

  • Know what’s connected to your network
  • Create and schedule unlimited vulnerability scans
  • Use authenticated and unauthenticated scanning modes
  • Use active and passive scanning modes
  • Run, schedule, email, and customize reports
  • Correlate asset, vulnerability, and threat data automatically

Threat detection

SecureScan provides a comprehensive picture of activity on your network.  The threat intelligence function uses this information to help you prioritize risk and focus your resources better, by correlating known malicious IPs with activities on network components such as firewalls, proxies, web servers, anti-virus systems, and intrusion detection systems. Malware can also be detected in transit over the network (as it is downloaded and installed onto a compromised host), or when it communicates back to its command and control servers. Threat intelligence integration is very helpful in identifying known malicious hosts acting as command and control servers.

Remediation Guidance

SecureScan prioritizes vulnerabilities based on risk severity and suggests corrective actions for each vulnerability.  Our security analysts have expertise to help you craft a remediation strategy.  Our ability to scan on demand allows you to rescan to ensure that remediation has successfully taken place.